Supporting a thriving SaaS scene. Keeping founders sane.

When we started our internet businesses, we didn’t plan to become investors. But after meeting so many burned-out founders who were frustrated with the selling process, we knew this would be the best way to contribute to a growing community of amazing digital products.

Our portfolio company is a platform for founders to:

Make their product even better and grow their customer base.

Limit their own risk, even for companies that are not 10x venture capital or private equity cases.

Take a step back, breathe, and figure out what they want to do next.

Take their processes from startup to professional-grade.

Our first priority when founding in 2017 was a founder-friendly approach to acquisitions. We looked at what made private equity firms and other common routes so maddening, and worked backward, simplifying every step. The result has been founders and teams who are happy with the process and relieved to see their SaaS business in a great home for the long term.

We treat others as we want to be treated

When you work with for your exit, partial exit or funding needs, you work with a team of experienced tech veterans who are committed to making each deal:

Fair’s core leadership handles the entire acquisition process, from first contact to final steps of arranging post-merger operations. You’ll always speak to someone who knows what’s going on and is there to help. No corporate “suits” – always friendly faces of people who have been in your position.

Our core principles that drive each acquisition:

No Lawyers involved

Always an efficient and personable process where you feel valued and respected.

No synergies

Your product remains a standalone business.

No jerks

We like people who are driven, but we steer clear of anybody who makes work a miserable experience.

Retain and grow company cultures

The way you do things has made you successful, so we won’t try to change it.

Support autonomy and mastery

We empower leaders and teams to work independently, and support their efforts to get even better.

Keep it simple

We like simple products, straightforward discussions, very few meetings, and simplifying just about anything else we can.

The team

Tim Schumacher

Founder & CEO
"You have built an amazing SaaS product that your customers love – and a fine team to run it. Now you’re thinking about an exit."

Tobias Schlottke

Founder & CTO
"But selling your work to a bunch of suits doesn’t feel right, does it? We know that, because we are entrepreneurs ourselves."

Ulrich Essmann

Founder & CPO
"We love digital products, and we know how valuable talented people are. That is why we would like to offer you a better deal so that you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that experienced hands will continue to nurture and elevate what you’ve built."

Dirk Sahlmer


Sabine Kurrle

Finance Director
"Experienced accountant and controller in the Tech Industry, Process Automation Ninja. Loves to build Finance from Scratch."