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saas.group announces the acquisition of DeployHQ, the deployment tool which you can use without a PhD in writing config files!
saas.group emphasizes rigorous product due diligence to identify growth potential and ensure successful integrations with acquired teams.
Preparing for M&A as a SaaS founder is crucial from day one. Standardize customer agreements, ensure rights transfer, and keep thorough documentation ready to streamline the process when opportunities arise.
At saas.group we’ve seen it all: Founders approaching us directly; founders wanting to sell through a broker, etc. Obviously, going with a business broker can be the easiest way to do this.
On the saas.unbound podcast, founders open up about their personal well-being and mental health hacks, offering a glimpse into the human side of startup life.
Tim Heicks, the Brand CMO at saas.group offers invaluable insights into the marketing due diligence within the SaaS acquisition process.
Another portion of the founders’ hacks from saas.unbound podcast. This time, we share growth hacking tips from founders who have successfully tried them for their own companies.
We sat down with Lewis Singleton, the M&A Integration Manager at saas.group to shed some light on the strategies that set saas.group apart in the ever-evolving landscape of acquisitions. 

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