A Software as a Service Portfolio Company


We are investing in established small to mid sized SaaS companies and help taking them to the next level.


You enjoy running a profitable software business and are now planning to use your brilliant engineering and product skills for building the next big thing? We are specialized in acquiring and further growing your existing SaaS product.

SaaS Business

Even a successful product can be hard to scale beyond one million dollars in revenue. By focusing on customer value, content marketing and conversion chain optimization we are taking proven SaaS businesses to the next level.


Join us on our journey to eventually become an institutional investor in the software service industry. We are committed to deliver value by balancing strong cash generation and healthy growth throughout our diversified SaaS portfolio.

OUR TEAM was founded by experienced industry veterans with a proven entrepreneural, investing and product background.

Tim Schumacher
Ulrich Essmann
Tobias Schlottke