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saas.unbound is a podcast where inspiring founders and experts share their stories of founding and scaling their businesses all the way to success and eternal love from their customers.
At saas.unbound we have casual chats with entrepreneurs who have already walked from 0 to 1, to 10, and sometimes to a life-changing exit.
They share their experiences, actionable insights, and mistakes to avoid.
saas.unbound is hosted by Anna Nadeina, Head of Growth at saas.group.

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In this episode #39, we talk with Jan Niklas, co-founder and CEO of Valuecase, a software that simplifies the collaboration between customer-facing teams and their buyers. Their vision is to redefine how millions of B2B sellers and buyers across the globe interact and close deals.
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PLG (product-led growth) has been the hottest potato in SaaS in the last couple of years, and Wes Bush knows exactly how to help you implement it from the ground up with great success. Wes Bush is an entrepreneur, author, and product-led coach.
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In this episode #38, we talk with Aytekin Tank, Founder & CEO of Jotform, an online form builder that enables businesses to create customized forms. They’re bootstrapped and serve 20 million users with an impressive team of over 500 people.
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In this episode #37, we talk with Julia, Co-Founder and CEO of CPV One, a cloud-hosted ad tracking platform, and CPV Lab, a self-hosted ad tracking platform, helping affiliates, media buyers and marketing agencies track, manage and optimize their marketing campaigns in one place.
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George Chasiotis, the Managing Director at Minuttia and Shannon Kelly Ash, the Content Marketing Lead at saas.group at our first AMA of 2024 about Content Marketing and SEO best practices for B2B SaaS companies!
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n this episode #36, we talk with Nimrod Priell, Founder and CEO at Cord, bringing collaboration into the products your team works in. They are passionately removing friction from teamwork and making collaboration inside the organizations easier.

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