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saas.unbound is a podcast where inspiring founders and experts share their stories of founding and scaling their businesses all the way to success and eternal love from their customers.
At saas.unbound we have casual chats with entrepreneurs who have already walked from 0 to 1, to 10, and sometimes to a life-changing exit.
They share their experiences, actionable insights, and mistakes to avoid.
saas.unbound is hosted by Anna Nadeina, Head of Growth at saas.group.

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Tim talks about the way saas.group acquires companies and what are the criteria for being acquired. Why it's not only the tech stack and the financials the potential acquirer is looking for, but also a great cultural fit.
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In this episode #49, we are talking with Mustafa Senhaji, Co-Founder of Lodago, a meeting scheduling platform that streamlines your day-to-day operations and B2B in-person events and removes all the friction when scheduling appointments.
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In this episode #49, we are talking with Jason Fried, Co-Founder of 37signals, Basecamp, Hey.com. Jason talks about the no-meetings setup they've got going on in the companies. Why it's important to understand the goals of the project before anyone starts to work on it.
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Marvin shares the story of building and scaling Calenso to over 100K users in EU and worldwide, how they adapt to the enterprise customers' needs, and navigate the roadmap accordingly. Marvin talks about the reasons Calenso remained bootstrapped and all the advantages and challenges it brings.
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Justin shares his vision of launching a SaaS product. Why your Product Hunt or closed beta launch is never THE one and only. How every feature you add changes the product and adds to your launch cycle.
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In this episode #44, we are talking with Ken Miller, Co-Founder of Podium.page (https://podium.page/), streamlining your podcast production with AI-powered tools for time-saving, high-quality content creation, and Fathom.fm (https://fathom.fm/), the AI-powered podcast player from the future.

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