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saas.academy is a series of live AMA sessions where seasoned SaaS experts share their unique knowledge about all things B2B SaaS. We talk about customer success, churn and retention, sales, founders’ mental health, and, of course, how to sell your SaaS company.
At saas.group, brands remain independent, but we strongly encourage knowledge sharing and believe this approach drives us forward. So, we are taking it further, offering all the SaaS founders out there to benefit from the incredible insights that are shared at saas.academy events.
Reach out to us through the form if you’d like to become a guest!
saas.academy is hosted by Anna Nadeina, Head of Growth at saas.group.

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Join our AMA! This time, about B2B SaaS exit options, with Dominic Sullivan, IMAA, CMAA from Flippa.com, and Pavel Prokofiev, ACA from saas.group.
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Live AMA session about Marketing due diligence for SaaS companies with Shiv Narayanan from How To SaaS and Tim Heicks from saas.group.
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In this session, Ben and Dirk cover topics like calculating your metrics, metrics potential acquirers are looking at, SaaS benchmarks, key SaaS finance data sources, and much more. 
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Join Pius Binder and Daniel Thulfaut at saas.group's live AMA on B2B SaaS pricing and monetization. Learn pricing strategies and when to experiment with your product's price.
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Join us for an AMA with Neil Metzler to talk about the best ways to fight burnout and get to healthy, high performance.
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Scott Hurff and Klaus-M. Schremser came together for our next AMA to talk about addressing customer expectations and decreasing cancellation rates at scale!
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Technical due diligence is one of the core processes in M&A deals. How do you prepare for it if you're using open source or AI to power your SaaS products? And how is AI going to change the approach to Tech DD in the future?
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PLG (product-led growth) has been the hottest potato in SaaS in the last couple of years, and Wes Bush knows exactly how to help you implement it from the ground up with great success. Wes Bush is an entrepreneur, author, and product-led coach.
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George Chasiotis, the Managing Director at Minuttia and Shannon Kelly Ash, the Content Marketing Lead at saas.group at our first AMA of 2024 about Content Marketing and SEO best practices for B2B SaaS companies!
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This time about all things Content operations and SEO with Ane Wiese, SEO Lead at saas.group and Mila Di Bella, Content Operations Specialist at MilaDiBella.com where we unravel the mysteries of seamlessly integrating Content Operations and SEO in the dynamics of B2B SaaS.

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