Technical due diligence is one of the core processes in M&A deals. How do you prepare for it if you’re using open source or AI to power your SaaS products? And how is AI going to change the approach to Tech DD in the future?

These and many other questions we’ve answered during our next AMA with Thomas Frieling, Founder and Managing Partner at TechMiners, and Tobias Schlottke, Co-Founder at

🛠 We discuss the common missteps startups face, particularly in managing open source components and safeguarding intellectual property rights. Their insights reveal the critical importance of owning IP from the get-go and how oversights can complicate future sales or funding. The discussion also sheds light on the consequences of eroded trust when companies fabricate elements of their operations, along with the growth-related challenges that arise when personnel struggle to scale with their ventures.

Listen in as we explore the evolving terrain of AI adoption among SaaS companies, where businesses span a spectrum from casual AI experimentation to those forging their own AI infrastructures. We also go over the pressing issue of AI security within SaaS platforms. The conversation reveals the intricacies of securing AI-driven features and the need for rigorous testing, input validation, and meticulous access controls.

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