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saas.academy is a series of live AMA sessions where seasoned SaaS experts share their unique knowledge about all things B2B SaaS. We talk about customer success, churn and retention, sales, founders’ mental health, and, of course, how to sell your SaaS company.
At saas.group, brands remain independent, but we strongly encourage knowledge sharing and believe this approach drives us forward. So, we are taking it further, offering all the SaaS founders out there to benefit from the incredible insights that are shared at saas.academy events.
Reach out to us through the form if you’d like to become a guest!
saas.academy is hosted by Anna Nadeina, Head of Growth at saas.group.

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Join us for a LIVE AMA on the intricacies of Tech Due Diligence in SaaS acquisitions. We'll discuss what's included, common pitfalls, OSS-related risks, and more.
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Join Gonzalo de Lomana, founder of SaaS Growth (https://www.saasgrowth.eu/) and Natalia Camp (Pambakian), the sales manager of ScraperAPI (https://www.scraperapi.com/) to talk about bringing sales-led motion into a PLG environment.
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Join Abeeda Haroon, the Head of Customer Experience at Polly (https://www.polly.ai/) and Ashley Whitney, the Director of Customer Success at Pipeline CRM (https://pipelinecrm.com/) to talk about the way they are bringing the best possible experience to the customers of their companies.
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Join Andrew Davies, CMO at Paddle, and our own Brand CMO at saas.group, Julian Rothkamp to chat about the Growth Challenges B2B SaaS companies face and how to overcome them. We'll talk about all things Growth, relevant strategies and KPIs, challenges companies are facing, and how to deal with them. We'll also share the best practices that take place in both companies.
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Join Rachel Whitehead, VP of Marketing at ChartMogul, and Tim Heicks, CMO at saas.group to learn what it takes to create a successful digital strategy.
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Join us for a LIVE Ask Me Anything (AMA) session about Founder Burnout featuring Tobias Günther. With a track record of four successful ventures as a Founder, CEO, and Mindfulness Teacher, Tobias has personally experienced and conquered burnout.

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