Join us for a LIVE AMA on the intricacies of Tech Due Diligence in SaaS acquisitions. We’ll discuss what’s included, common pitfalls, OSS-related risks, and more.

Our guests:

Chris Philipps, Founder of Phillips & Byrne with more than 20 years of experience in the Tech and startup industry. Former engineer and CTO-turned-CEO/Managing partner. Tech advisor and selective angel investor.

Tobias Schlottke, Co-Founder Co-Founder of OMR(dot)com, Co-Founder of alphalist, and an experienced CTO passionate about tech.

Some of the topics covered:

1. Understanding the scope: legal, organizational structure, and more
2. Common pitfalls and challenges faced by founders
3. Misconceptions about tech dd
4. Why deals can be dropped during technical due diligence
5. Practical tips for companies preparing for tech due diligence

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