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Prepare for your SaaS acquisition: perform buyer due diligence, ask key questions, and watch for red flags to ensure a smooth transition.
Discover how to value your SaaS business, considering both quantitative and qualitative factors to prepare for a successful and streamlined exit.
Prepare your SaaS business for a successful acquisition with these 5 steps: know why you want to sell, prep your business, find the right buyer, conduct due diligence, and plan for post-acquisition.
Why sell your SaaS business? Understand your reasons, structure the deal, and choose the right buyer to ensure a smooth and successful exit.
Maria Herrell, Head of Customer Support, gives insights into's aim for centralized support in 2024, enhancing customer satisfaction across all brands.
At we’ve seen it all: Founders approaching us directly; founders wanting to sell through a broker, etc. Obviously, going with a business broker can be the easiest way to do this.
On the saas.unbound podcast, founders open up about their personal well-being and mental health hacks, offering a glimpse into the human side of startup life.
Another portion of the founders’ hacks from saas.unbound podcast. This time, we share growth hacking tips from founders who have successfully tried them for their own companies.
After the vision for had been announced, we sat down with Tim Schumacher to talk about it more in-depth.

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