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At we’ve seen it all: Founders approaching us directly; founders wanting to sell through a broker, etc. Obviously, going with a business broker can be the easiest way to do this.
On the saas.unbound podcast, founders open up about their personal well-being and mental health hacks, offering a glimpse into the human side of startup life.
Another portion of the founders’ hacks from saas.unbound podcast. This time, we share growth hacking tips from founders who have successfully tried them for their own companies.
After the vision for had been announced, we sat down with Tim Schumacher to talk about it more in-depth.
At, we’ve been focused on buying bootstrapped companies from the beginning. Some brands, like Prerender and ScraperAPI barely had employees (besides the founder) when we bought them
“I’ve got a brilliant idea! It’s one of a kind, and when I launch it, it’s going to be so perfect, people will immediately see it and leave whatever it is they were using before!”
In the ever-changing business world, now is the time for solid personal brands. And the role of a SaaS founder can not be understated. A strong founder brand not only drives the growth of a SaaS company but plays a pivotal role in shaping its exit strategy. 
The acquisition is one of the possible exit strategies for a SaaS founder. It can become a significant milestone and open opportunities for building other products, refocusing on life, or just taking a break.
Every SaaS founder pours their heart and soul into building their dream company from the ground up. The road is usually bumpy, to say the least. Many struggle with raising funds or staying focused while bootstrapping.