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Search announces the acquisition of DeployHQ, the deployment tool which you can use without a PhD in writing config files! emphasizes rigorous product due diligence to identify growth potential and ensure successful integrations with acquired teams.
Tim Heicks, the Brand CMO at offers invaluable insights into the marketing due diligence within the SaaS acquisition process.
We sat down with Lewis Singleton, the M&A Integration Manager at to shed some light on the strategies that set apart in the ever-evolving landscape of acquisitions. 
On saas.unbound podcast we’ve talked with quite a few founders who went through an acquisition process. Some stories were good and some, well, we’ll call them experiences. announces the acquisition of gominga, the one-stop-shop for product, location, mobile app, webshop and company reviews.
It’s been 5 months since acquired Beekast, an online platform that helps you create, lead, and track your meetings and training sessions. Today we’re talking with Yassine Chabli to learn more about the overall experience and get down to the details that helped make this process easier. 
We sat down with Malgorzata Polubinska, Head of HR at to uncover what HR processes are required during the SaaS company acquisition and what information and documentation the HR department might be looking at during the sale.
Technical due diligence is often something founders are confused about. They rarely know what to expect and how to present their challenges during the process.