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The acquisition is an exciting milestone for SaaS Founders. But several misconceptions can cloud our understanding of the process. Let’s debunk seven common myths and get a clearer perspective on M&A deals, getting acquired, and SaaS exit strategies.
HELSINKI, FINLAND. June 21st, 2023. announces the acquisition of AddSearch, the leading provider of hosted website search solutions. AddSearch offers a solution which helps customers improve website conversion rate, customer experience, and customer support.
All too often, founders are overwhelmed by how exciting but also nerve-wracking the acquisition and everything about it can be. They want to make sure the deal closes at the highest possible price, but it’s also important to find a good acquirer.
PARIS, FRANCE. Tuesday, May 2nd, announces the acquisition of Beekast.
Not every business owner begins with the end in mind. Many unexpected events can derail your thinking, leaving you in a position to consider selling for long-term success.
BERLIN, GERMANY, Monday April 3rd, 2023. announces the acquisition of zenloop, the leading customer experience management (“CXM”) platform for mid-sized and large enterprises in the DACH region and beyond.
PARIS, FRANCE, Wednesday, November 30th, 2022. announces the acquisition of Crosstalent, a leading French Independent Software Vendor (“ISV”) specializing in human resources management software.
We are pleased to announce that Seobility is joining the family. Seobility offers an all-in-one SEO suite that helps small businesses and marketing agencies achieve better rankings.
We are pleased to announce that MyWorks is joining the family.