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In episode #4, Anna Nadeina talks with Hatla Johnsen, CEO and co-founder of uQualio, a mobile-friendly SaaS video LMS platform for eLearning that was recognized as the NextGen Learning System of the Year 2023.


The Power of bite-sized Video Learning

In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Hatla, the CEO and co-founder of uQualio. uQualio is a mobile-friendly video LMS platform for e-learning that was recognized as the Next Generation LMS system of the year in 2023. Hatla shares the inspiration behind the company and how they are revolutionizing education through video learning.


A Simple Idea with a Powerful Impact

Hatla’s journey with uQualio started with a simple idea. While attending a conference in the Middle East, they realized that the biggest problem to solve is education. This sparked Hatla’s interest, and coincidentally, her husband’s old colleague had an idea to use video for learning. They saw the potential and jumped on it.

Now, uQualio headquarters are in Denmark, helping to solve education problems all over the world. Their platform is used to offer bite-sized videos for various purposes, whether it’s onboarding employees, training customers, or sharing knowledge within organizations. By making learning accessible and repeatable, uQualio is empowering individuals and businesses to succeed.


Addressing the Communication Gap

One of the key problems that uQualio is solving is the need for effective communication. Whether it’s turning on a printer, wiring something, or understanding a CEO’s message, clear communication is crucial. uQualio’s video platform allows users to create and share videos easily, ensuring that information is accessible and can be revisited when needed. By incorporating micro-credentials and interactive quizzes, uQualio verifies that users have understood the content.

Users can create their own content, whether it’s recording a PowerPoint presentation, demonstrating a process, or explaining how a coffee machine works. The platform makes it easy to create bite-sized courses that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.


Understanding the Ideal Customer

When it comes to determining the ideal customer, uQualio focuses on those who believe that their end-users or employees would benefit from bite-sized video learning. They cater to small and medium-sized businesses that are in dire need of accessible learning platforms. uQualio’s goal is to make learning easy and enjoyable for individuals and organizations alike.


The Power of Networking and LinkedIn

Networking has played a significant role in uQualio’s growth. Hatla and her co-founder have been proactive in connecting with people and building relationships, especially through LinkedIn. By engaging with others’ content and sharing their ideas, they have been able to spread the word about uQualio and connect with users and potential customers.


The Importance of Simplifying Pricing

Pricing is always a challenge for companies, and uQualio is no exception. They initially focused on a pricing model catering to subject matter experts and team leads with budget control. By keeping the price point affordable, they wanted them to be able to sign up without needing approval from HR or higher-ups.

However, uQualio has encountered challenges with flexible pricing and customers wanting fixed options. They are currently reevaluating their pricing model to strike a balance between flexibility and simplicity. Their goal is to make the platform affordable while ensuring that they can continue spreading knowledge.


Lessons Learned: Leadership and Communication

Hatla reflects on her experiences as a leader and acknowledges her own shortcomings. She realizes that not everyone is a high-achiever like those she worked with at companies like PwC. It’s important to recognize communication barriers and make the necessary adjustments early on. If communication isn’t established within the first two weeks, it’s unlikely to improve later on. Making tough decisions and parting ways with individuals who don’t align with the company’s vision is crucial for success.


The Future of uQualio: Spreading Knowledge and Impacting Lives

Ukalo’s biggest win is yet to come. They are working on a pro bono project to address psychological problems, aiming to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives. By leveraging their platform and spreading knowledge, they hope to contribute to solving global problems through education.


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