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In this episode #42, we talk with Amir, Founder & CEO at Doist, specializing in productivity software that simplifies and organizes the workday. Amir takes us back to the origins of Doist as a personal project and shares how it blossomed into an application relied upon by millions.

He emphasizes the crucial role of customer feedback in shaping the product and the unique challenges of bootstrapping a business. His insights on sustainable growth without investor backing are not only thought-provoking but also a testament to the resilience required to navigate the competitive tech landscape.

Building a business from the ground up comes with its unique set of hurdles, especially when taking the bootstrapped route. In this conversation, we explore the significance of maintaining a lean team, the leverage AI and technology offer in scaling operations, and the vital importance of profitability for long-term success.

Join us for this episode as we reflect on the personal growth challenges faced when starting anew in unfamiliar environments, the power of risk-taking, and the unending pursuit of improvement in both leadership and business practices.

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