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I’m your host Anna Nadeina, Head of Growth for In this episode #44, we are talking with Girish Redekar, the co-founder of Sprinto (, a cloud-native platform, purpose-built to solve the security compliance needs of fast-growing cloud companies. Girish talks about the reasons a SaaS business would consider getting their security compliance sorted and the aspects that go into the decision-making process. Girish also shares his vision for doing demo calls for Sprinto and the reasons why demo calls are better than the best documentation.

How it’s easier for the users and the customers to share their questions and concerns about the product with a real person. And why it helps the team with growth.


(0:00:05) – Sprinto and Compliance Automation 

Girish Redekar, founder of Sprinto, a compliance automation software for cloud-hosted companies discusses his first business, Recruiter Box, which was a bootstrapped startup that was eventually acquired.

We also explore the difficulty Girish faced when transitioning from programming to product management, marketing, sales, and other functions. Finally, we discuss the problem Sprinto is solving and its roots in Recruiter Box.

(0:15:37) – Adopting SOC2 and Acquiring Customers 

Girish Redekar, founder of Sprinto, shares his experience of how his company was able to acquire its first hundred customers. Sprinto was able to leverage a network of younger SaaS companies, use partnerships with VC firms to offer discounts to their customers, and use interviews with potential customers to gain insights into their needs. He talks about the customer acquisition process, why a demo call is necessary in their case, and how they manage the flow of customers with their team of 150 people.

(0:20:32) – Customer Feedback and Company Growth 

Girish Redakar talks about the importance of personalized onboarding and how it helps his company learn and grow faster. We learn how customer success teams can use the information they gain to productize onboarding journeys and create documentation that will address customer needs and questions. Girish also shares an example of how customer feedback and conversations have helped his team develop a feature to handle different customer scenarios.

(0:29:42) – Building Company Culture and Organizational Structure 

Girish shares the challenge of establishing a culture in his rapidly growing remote company. We emphasize the importance of taking proactive steps to set the culture early on, and how the company’s rapid growth necessitates the implementation of processes like OKRs. Girish then shares his experience of how, by organizing teams around goals and troubles rather than roads, the company is able to avoid creating unnecessary wastage.

(0:40:16) – Overcoming Disappointments in Business 

Girish Redekar talks about the failures and disappointments he has faced as a founder. We emphasize the need to learn to move on from failures quickly and embrace the opportunities that come with a startup. 

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