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I’m your host Anna Nadeina, Head of Growth for In this episode #7, we are talking with Jan-Philip Peters the co-founder of , an up-market acquisition platform for $100K+ revenue startups. With JP we discuss their founding journey, reliability of no-code tools, customer-driven pivot, and the current state of investment.

(0:00:06) – Bits for Digits

JP Peters, the co-founder of Bits for Digits, shares his and his co-founders’ backgrounds in business and their original idea for Bits for Digits which was based on a blog post they read. We explore the fascinating founding story of Bits for Digits, a micro private equity marketplace connecting owners of successful online businesses with acquirers. We discuss why Bits for Digits is a better choice than other options and the challenge of educating people about the platform. JP shares how it’s been a lot more outbound than inbound and the strategies they’ve implemented to teach people about what they’re doing.

(0:08:34) – Building a No-Code Business Marketplace 

We chat with JP Peters, co-founder of Bits for Digits, about how the company monetizes through subscription fees for buyers, and how they protect both buyers and sellers. JP then shares his story of how they built it all using no-code tools, the learning curve, and the limitations of no-code.

(0:20:33) – Industry Trends and Success Stories

We discuss the trend of VC-funded startups looking for alternative exits and the implications of transitioning from a giant growth trajectory to a smaller internet business. We also discuss the advantages of bootstrapping, such as having a foundation to work on and being able to focus on sustainable growth. JP then shares the key metrics and success stories for Bits for Digits, as well as the company’s full anonymity feature.

(0:36:06) – Bits for Digits Interview Wrap-Up

We wrap up our conversation with JP Peters by discussing the potential opportunities for Bits for Digits in the future and what the team has in store. JP shares his thoughts on the current climate of venture capital-funded startups and what it means for the company’s trajectory. We also reflect on the benefits of Bits for Digits’ subscription-based model.

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