saas.unbound is a podcast for and about founders who are working on scaling inspiring products that people love, brought to you by . I’m your host Anna Nadeina, Head of Growth for In this episode #37, we talk with Julia, Co-Founder and CEO of CPV One, a cloud-hosted ad tracking platform, and CPV Lab, a self-hosted ad tracking platform, helping affiliates, media buyers and marketing agencies track, manage, and optimize their marketing campaigns in one place. Completely bootstrapped, remote-first, and growing with a small, dedicated team mostly based in Romania.

Julia walks us through the inception of CPV Lab, born from a pressing need in the affiliate marketing space, and shares the unique challenges and triumphs of bootstrapping a SaaS business. Julia reveals the careful considerations involved in transitioning from a one-time payment model to a sustainable subscription-based approach while still honoring the trust of early adopters. She shares the challenges and rewards of working with affiliates and how providing comprehensive support has been crucial to the success of the business.

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