saas.unbound is a podcast for and about founders who are working on scaling inspiring products that people love, brought to you by . I’m your host Anna Nadeina, Head of Growth for In this episode #35, we talk with Luca Micheli, CEO and Co-founder of Customerly, an In-App Messaging platform for SaaS companies. With over 31 thousand businesses using the tool already, they are on a mission to help and inspire at least 1 billion people.

Luca shares the complexities of managing lifetime deals and the transition to monthly recurring revenue, the intricacies of Product Hunt launches, and how these experiences have shaped his approach to customer acquisition. We also explore the transformative power of AI in customer communication and the pivotal role of a dedicated team in the success of a company. Luca talks about the way AI has revolutionized his business model and how a small team’s passion and efficiency have led to their live chat product reaching billions.

Head of Growth,