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In this episode #44, we talk with Raphael, Co-Founder and CEO of Wiztrust, a multi-channel distribution platform, built to simplify internal and external communications. 

In this episode, we are joined by Raphael, the co-founder and CEO of Wiztrust, a multi-channel distribution platform aimed at simplifying internal and external communications. Wiztrust offers a range of software solutions, including Wiztrust PR, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for PR and investor relations professionals, and Wiztrust Product Protect, a blockchain-based solution to authenticate press releases. In this blog, we will delve into the journey of Wiztrust, exploring their background, inspiration, challenges, and successes.


The Birth of Wiztrust

Rafael’s background in the media industry and his partner Jerome’s experience in the PR industry led them to identify a gap in the market. They realized that the software tools available for PR professionals were lagging behind those available to other business sectors. This realization sparked the idea for Wiztrustt PR, a comprehensive solution that would handle all aspects of PR and investor relations, including multi-channel distribution, email, social networks, and CRM integration.


Focusing on Enterprise Clients

From the beginning, Wiztrust set its sights on serving enterprise clients. They recognized that large companies were the ones most willing to invest in the necessary tools and services for effective PR and investor relations. By targeting enterprise clients, Wiztrust was able to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution that met their specific needs. Operating in 66 countries, Wiztrust has become a leading software provider for enterprise clients worldwide.


Expanding to the US

With their success in Europe, Wiztrust decided to expand to the US market, aiming to tackle large clients on the NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange. However, their expansion to the US did not go as planned. The sales cycle was longer than expected, and the challenges of COVID-19 and geopolitical events further complicated their efforts. Ultimately, Wiztrust made the decision to refocus on their European operations and maintain sustainable growth.


Finding Balance and Overcoming Challenges

Throughout their journey, Wiztrust has learned the importance of finding balance and overcoming challenges. They have embraced a more mindful approach to business, prioritizing adventure and sustainability over chasing monetary success. By focusing on creating a positive work environment, building strong client relationships, and fostering international collaboration, Wiztrust has found success in their industry.


The Power of Client Relationships

One of the key factors in Wiztrust’s success has been their focus on building strong client relationships. They have adopted an approach, emulating the role of a concierge in a luxury hotel. Wiztrust goes above and beyond to surprise and delight their clients, sending personalized gifts and creating memorable experiences. This approach has not only improved client satisfaction but has also resulted in increased upsells and customer loyalty.


Building a Sustainable Future

Wiztrust is committed to building a sustainable future. They are in the process of becoming a B Corp, aligning their business practices with social and environmental goals. By prioritizing sustainability and delivering value to their clients, Wiztrust is creating a positive impact on both society and the economy.



The journey of Wiztrust serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs and business leaders. By focusing on the needs of enterprise clients, building strong client relationships, and embracing a mindful and sustainable approach, Wiztrust has found success in their industry. Their story reminds us of the importance of human connection, the power of innovation, and the value of creating a positive impact in the world.


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