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In this episode #3, Anna Nadeina talks with Stephanie Richter, CEO & Co-Founder of Adspert, supporting e-commerce companies in maximizing their profit on Amazon, eBay, Google and Bing by optimizing their PPC campaigns.


Maximizing Profit for E-Commerce Companies


In today’s episode, we have Stephanie, the CEO and co-founder of Adspert, a company that supports e-commerce companies in maximizing their profit on Amazon, eBay, Google, and Bing through the optimization of their PPC campaigns. Stephanie shares her background, the inspiration behind Adspert, and the challenges and successes she has encountered along the way.


The Early Years: Building From Scratch

Stephanie’s entrepreneurial journey began in her 20s when she co-founded her first company. Despite the challenges, they achieved a small exit. Encouraged by their algorithmic expertise, Stephanie and her co-founder decided to venture into the world of online marketing.


Addressing the Profitability Problem on Amazon

Adspert’s platform is designed to help brands and sellers on Amazon become more profitable. Advertising on Amazon has become a necessity for sellers to gain visibility, but it requires careful mathematical calculations to determine keyword selection, bid amounts, and expected conversion rates. Adspert’s AI-powered platform optimizes these PPC campaigns, allowing sellers to increase their profitability. Their clients range from small and medium-sized businesses to larger agencies, and Adspert prides itself on being able to cater to both segments.


Recognitions and Marketing Strategies

Adspert’s commitment to excellence has been recognized by industry experts, including being named one of the top seven best digital marketing tools by OMR Reviews. Despite having a limited marketing budget compared to its competitors, Adspert has managed to generate positive reviews from satisfied customers. They achieve this by asking for reviews from customers who have completed a free trial and are happy with the results. Additionally, Adspert leverages word-of-mouth marketing and partnerships with influencers to spread the word about their services.


Navigating the Challenges of Remote Work

Adspert operates as a remote company, with team members located across the globe. Stephanie acknowledges the unique challenges of remote work, especially when it comes to building a strong company culture. They have experimented with various strategies, such as virtual offices and virtual lunches, but have found more success in smaller group meetings and regularly scheduled random chats. Additionally, Adspert organizes in-person meetups to foster stronger relationships and connections among team members.


Expanding to International Markets

As an e-commerce-focused company, expanding into international markets was a natural progression for Adspert. However, entering new markets comes with its own set of challenges. Stephanie emphasizes the importance of finding the right local partners and understanding the cultural nuances of each market. Adspert has successfully entered the Chinese market through strategic partnerships and continues to explore new opportunities in Asia.


Addressing Dependencies and Preparing for the Future

Adspert has had to overcome significant challenges caused by changes in policies and dependencies on platforms like Google. When Google restricted access to certain data and limited the optimization capabilities of third-party tools, Adspert had to pivot and diversify its offerings. This ability to adapt and explore new opportunities led to their success in the e-commerce space. Stephanie emphasizes the importance of constantly preparing for the future and being open-minded to potential changes in the market.


Preparing for an Exit

As Adspert continues to grow, Stephanie is considering the possibility of an exit strategy. She believes that finding the right partner can help take the company to the next level. However, she cautions that an exit should not be solely focused on a large financial payout, but rather on finding a partner who can contribute to the company’s growth and success. Stephanie advises preparing for an exit at least a year or two in advance, ensuring that all contracts, data, and processes are well-documented and organized.



Stephanie’s journey with Adspert showcases the resilience and adaptability required to succeed in the ever-changing e-commerce landscape. Through their AI-powered platform, Adspert helps e-commerce sellers maximize their profitability on various online platforms. By focusing on customer success, leveraging word-of-mouth marketing, and exploring new markets, Adspert has positioned itself as a leader in the industry. As they continue to grow and potentially prepare for an exit, Stephanie remains dedicated to providing value to their clients and staying ahead of the curve.


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