In this episode #23, we are talking with Tobias Günther, Entrepreneur | Writer | Mindfulness Teacher, and the author of, a masterclass for founders and leaders to help them build connections and successful remote teams. We discussed why service company founders tend to switch to building products, and how it may affect them and their businesses. Tobias also talked about dealing with burnout and how to find resources to get back to work after it.

(0:00:05) – Transitioning From Service to Product Business

Tobias has been an entrepreneur for 20 years and has done multiple different things in that time. In 2014, He was in a personal crisis which lead to picking up meditation. He started to develop a product in 2010 to solve my own problem and he sold that product in 2021. We explore what it’s like to build a product business from a service business. We also talk about what founders need to transition from a service business to a product business and the freedom that comes with it.

(0:17:28) – Building Successful Remote Teams

We discuss the importance of understanding that a hybrid work environment isn’t possible when one person works remotely. We emphasize the importance of strong relationships, communication, and flexibility in a remote team, and how to balance individual and team time management. We look at the benefits of asynchronous communication and the importance of not going to one extreme or the other.

(0:28:55) – Effective Meeting Strategies 

Having an agenda and check-ins before the start of meetings can be beneficial. Having an agenda beforehand helps to structure the meeting and allows people to prepare for the topics. Check-ins can help people say hello, and how they are feeling and get a little distance from their previous task or meeting. The traffic lights color scheme for check-ins helps to differentiate between feeling ‘green’, ‘yellow’, or ‘red’. Introducing check-ins in a way that is not seen as a tariff, but instead, as something that has scientifically proven benefits is important.

(0:49:52) – Remote Work Requires a Healthy Environment

It is vital to give remote work a fair chance to determine if it is the right fit and create a healthy personal work environment. Starting with an appropriate space dedicated to professional work is key to having a successful remote experience. Having an agenda and check-ins before meetings can be beneficial to structure the conversation and ensure all participants are on the same page.

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