We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Pipeline CRM, a provider of the most adopted CRM among SMBs in the US (Source: G2 Crowd). Founded in 2006 in Seattle, WA, Pipeline CRM (formerly Pipeline Deals) is known for easy-to-use and customizable user experience, sales-focused features, and leading customer support and service. With its functionality and design, Pipeline CRM makes the day in the life of sales professionals as productive as possible – enabling them to build game-changing relationships.

Pipeline has been founded by JP Werlin and Nicholas Bertolino, who saw an attractive market niche serving SMB companies operating across industrial, logistics, professional services and other industries, where B2B sales play an important role in driving organic revenue growth. The product eschews the complexity of enterprise-focused solutions (e.g., Salesforce.com), while providing a rich feature set, including automation and integration with popular tools, like Gmail and Quickbooks. Having raised limited outside capital, the Company has been bootstrapped and has a remote-first team across 9 US states and 4 countries worldwide, supporting thousands of clients, including major corporations, such as Fujifilm, Vallen North America, The Garland Company, and many others.

Tobias Schlottke, CTO and co-founder at saas.group, noted:

We look forward to our partnership with Pipeline CRM on a journey to building the leading CRM for SMBs in the US and globally. We aim to continue developing Pipeline’s leading CRM offering by introducing additional features, offering best-in-class customer support across multiple time zones and providing a rich onboarding experience.

JP Werlin and Nicholas Bertolino, the co-founders of Pipeline CRM, commented:

We are excited to see what’s next for Pipeline CRM. We founded this company in 2006 with one mission: To help businesses around the world grow their customer relationships. The saas.group team brings a new level of experience and resources to Pipeline CRM. We are forever thankful to our customers and especially the amazing team at Pipeline CRM who contributed to our success over the years. We know Pipeline CRM will continue to thrive from here under the expert leadership of the saas.group.

saas.group acquires promising SaaS companies with a founder-friendly process in order to elevate their product – and their people – to the next level. Founded in 2017 by serial tech entrepreneurs (Tim SchumacherUlrich Essmann, and Tobias Schlottke), we have acquired seven companies to date, including DeploybotSniplyRewardfulTowerPrerenderScraperAPI and Juicer. If you are a business looking to grow your revenue organically, you can try Pipeline CRMor book a free demo.

If you want to know how JP Werlin and Nick Bertolino have built the Pipeline CRM in the first place and then sold it to saas.group, tune in to their two episodes.