LINZ, AUSTRIA. September 5th, 2023. announces the acquisition of Usersnap, the leading user feedback platform for digital product teams to scale user testing and gain confidence in product decisions by collecting visualized user issues, improvement ideas, and micro surveys.

Thousands of companies around the globe use Usersnap to streamline user feedback and track bugs reports with automated screen captures on their web application, website, or prototype. The product boasts integrations with over 5,000 third party software solutions, including Jira, Azure DevOps, Slack, Asana, Trello, Github, and Gitlab. Notable Usersnap customers include Lego, Red Hat, Trendyol, BBC, Erste Group and Microsoft.

The company was founded in 2012 by Josef Trauner, and raised limited funding from SpeedInvest. Klaus-M. Schremser joined as a late co-founder and head of growth to strengthen Usersnap’s expansion.  Usersnap now has more than 1,300 worldwide customers with a strong customer base in the US, Canada and the EU through many industries like finance, healthcare, software, retail etc. is delighted to partner with Josef Trauner (CEO) and Klaus-M Schremser (CRO) and the rest of the Usersnap team to continue developing the product with focus on innovative solutions for user feedback and customer experience.

The acquisition of Usersnap marks’s 16th successful acquisition and our first acquisition of an Austrian business. Usersnap is our second acquisition in the broader Customer Experience market, alongside Zenloop, the NPS customer experience company.

Josef Trauner, co-founder & CEO of Usersnap, commented, “As a product enthusiast, I believe bringing the vision of customer-centricity to teams worldwide is essential. We at Usersnap have been dedicated to doing this every day. Today we are thrilled to join the We have found a partner with a lot of experience in the SaaS industry who shares the same mindset and vision. We are very confident and looking forward to growing Usersnap with and their team to the next level.

Klaus-M. Schremser, CRO of Usersnap, about the acquisition, “We believe that feedback helps you grow your company in the right direction. After growing Usersnap to a multi-million, successful business, we realized that will be a great opportunity to bring our SaaS company to a new growth trajectory. Many experienced and smart people working for will assist the Usersnap team to reach the next level.

Tobias Schlottke, Co-Founder & CTO at, commented, “We see customer experience (“CX”) as an integral part of a growth toolkit for user-centric businesses. With Usersnap joining the family, we have a unique opportunity to support the growing demands of the market for customer-centricity. We are also delighted to have Josef and Klaus staying at the helm of Usersnap through this next phase and believe this demonstrates the success of our founder friendly acquisition approach. acquires promising SaaS companies with a founder-friendly process in order to elevate their product – and their people – to the next level. Founded in 2017 in by serial tech entrepreneurs (Tim Schumacher, Ulrich Essmann, and Tobias Schlottke), the company has acquired sixteen companies to date, including Beekast, Crosstalent, Tower, Rewardful, PrerenderJuicer, Seobility, and others. With over 200 staff across 30 countries globally, provides products across Sales & Marketing, HR, Dev Tools, and eCommerce verticals. was advised by Dorda (Christian Ritschka and Heinrich Kühnert), Techminers (Florian Pahl and Daniel Jung) and Rabel & Partner (Michael Felbinger). Usersnap was advised by Schoenherr (Thomas Kulnigg) and i5invest (Maria Rocha, Johannes Raidl and Sheila Kastner).

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If you are a user-centric company that seeks the clarity of user needs to build successful products, you can start a free trial with Usersnap today.