saas.unbound is a podcast for and about founders who are working on scaling inspiring products that people love brought to you by In this episode #49, we are talking with Alex, founder, and CEO at SaaStock, the biggest B2B SaaS Conference in Europe and the host of The SaaS Revolution Show. With Alex we’ve discussed what it takes to create a founders’ community and where to start with that. He told the story of the inception of SaaStock and how he navigated it as a solo founder. Alex also talked about trends he sees on the market after talking to founders at SaaStock, why he thinks founders crave being in a community, and how it helps him personally grow as an entrepreneur.


The Journey of SaaStock: Building a Thriving Community for SaaS Founders



Today, we will delve into the fascinating journey of Alex, the founder and CEO of SaaStock, as he shares his experiences and insights on building a successful community for SaaS founders. From humble beginnings as a solo entrepreneur to organizing massive conferences, Alex’s story is sure to inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs in the SaaS industry.


From Lemonade Stands to SaaStock

Alex’s entrepreneurial spirit can be traced back to his childhood. From setting up lemonade stands to selling homemade perfumes, he had a natural inclination towards business and making money. However, it wasn’t until he reached his thirties that he decided to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

After working as a sales executive for several years, Alex realized that he needed to take action if he wanted to fulfill his entrepreneurial aspirations. With no specific business idea in mind, he started a blog called “SaaScribe” to document his journey and share his thoughts on the SaaS industry. Little did he know that this blog would become the foundation for SaaStock.


Building a Community-Driven Blog

As Alex delved deeper into the SaaS industry, he noticed a gap in the market for a neutral and community-driven SaaS blog. Existing blogs were either written by venture capitalists or biased vendors, lacking the perspective of SaaS founders and industry experts. This insight sparked an idea in Alex’s mind to create a platform that would provide valuable content for SaaS founders and their teams.

With this vision in mind, Alex reached out to industry experts and influencers to contribute original content to SaaScribe. The response was overwhelming, with many experts willing to share their knowledge without any payment. This collaboration laid the foundation for a strong and engaged community of SaaS professionals.


Expanding to Podcasts and Meetups

With the success of SaaScribe, Alex decided to expand his reach further by launching the SaaS Revolution Show podcast. Despite his initial nervousness and imposter syndrome, he managed to host successful interviews with SaaS founders and industry leaders, further establishing Sascribe’s reputation as a credible source of SaaS insights.

Alex’s desire to bring the SaaS community together led him to organize the first SaaS meetup in London. The event attracted 120 people from across the UK and received positive feedback, highlighting the need for more networking opportunities and knowledge sharing within the SaaS industry.


The Birth of SaaStock

Empowered by the growing community and the success of SaaScribe and the SaaS Revolution Show, Alex saw an opportunity to create a flagship event for SaaS founders and investors. Fueled by his ambition and the need for additional revenue streams, he took the leap and organized the first SaaStock conference in Dublin.

The event attracted 700 attendees from 34 different countries, exceeding all expectations. It became the go-to event for SaaS professionals, offering a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and inspiration. Building on this success, SaaStock expanded to the United States, further solidifying its position as a leading global SaaS conference.


Growth Levers and Future Ambitions

Throughout the journey of SaaStock, Alex has identified several key growth levers that have contributed to its success. These include:

  1. The timing and location of the conferences, choosing Dublin as the inaugural venue, and capitalizing on the growing demand for SaaS events in Europe
  2. The strategic increase in pricing to reflect the value provided by SaaStock and support the expansion of the business
  3. The focus on high-quality content and word-of-mouth recommendations, establishing SaaStock as a trusted and reputable brand
  4. The international expansion, targeting new markets and bringing SaaStock to a global audience
  5. The constant drive for innovation and improvement, embracing trends such as AI to enhance the conference experience

Looking ahead, SaaStock aims to continue its mission of supporting and connecting SaaS founders. The team is dedicated to improving the conference experience, exploring new ways to leverage AI technology, and expanding into untapped markets. With a strong community and a passionate team, SaaStock is poised to achieve even greater heights in the SaaS industry.



The story of SaaStock is a testament to the power of community and the determination of an entrepreneur. From a simple blog to a global conference, Alex’s journey showcases the importance of building connections, providing value, and continuously adapting to industry trends.SaaStock has become a cornerstone event for SaaS founders, investors, and industry experts, fostering collaboration and driving innovation in the SaaS industry.


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