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In episode #4, Anna Nadeina talks with Sophie, CEO and founder of NOQX, a platform that enables organizations to set, visualize, communicate, and execute their goals with clarity and alignment. 

We dive into the world of goal setting with Sophie, the CEO and Founder of NOQX. We’ll explore Sophie’s background, the inspiration behind NOQX, the challenges of being a founder, the importance of effective goal setting, and much more. 


Background and Inspiration

Sophie’s inspiration for NOQX came from her experience working with OKRs in the software service industry for the past 13 years. She realized that there were no platforms available that made goal-setting enjoyable and inclusive for employees. She saw an opportunity to create a platform that would enable organizations to set, visualize, communicate, and execute goals with clarity and alignment.


The Challenges of Being a Founder

As a first-time founder, Sophie acknowledges the diverse roles she must fulfill on a daily basis. From product development and fundraising to marketing and customer communication. While she finds it challenging to be an expert in multiple areas, she also enjoys the variety and excitement that come with being a founder. 

One of the biggest challenges Sophie has faced in her journey from zero to one is the need to balance different perspectives and prioritize tasks. With limited resources and a small team, she must decide which features to prioritize and which customer feedback to implement. 


The Importance of Effective Goal-Setting

Sophie believes that effective goal-setting can shape the culture and direction of a company. Clear goals provide employees with a sense of purpose and direction, leading to better performance and engagement. Research shows that companies with clear goals have lower burnout rates and more efficient leaders. 

One common challenge Sophie has observed in companies is setting too many goals. When there are numerous goals to track, it becomes difficult for employees to remember and prioritize them. Sophie recommends focusing on a few key objectives and key results, as this simplifies the goal-setting process and ensures everyone is aligned. 

In addition to clarity, Sophie emphasizes the importance of inclusion in goal setting. By involving teams in the process and empowering them to define their own objectives, employees feel more engaged and motivated. NOQX aims to provide a platform that fosters inclusivity and makes goal-setting a fun and enjoyable experience for all.


Building a Company Culture

As a young startup, NOQX is in the process of shaping its company culture. Sophie believes that defining the company’s vision, values, and working principles is crucial to creating a positive and productive culture. At NOQX, they value speed, focus, and fun, and they celebrate victories along the way. 

Sophie sees culture as a vital aspect of any organization. She wants to be part of a culture where decisions can be made quickly, and everyone is passionate about their work. By setting a clear direction and fostering a culture of collaboration and celebration, Nux aims to create an environment where employees thrive and feel motivated.


NOQX: The Platform and Pricing

Currently, NOQX offers a demo of its platform, allowing potential customers to interact with the product and provide feedback. However, Sophie mentions that they are working towards offering a self-service product sign-up option in the near future. 

This approach allows NOQX to gather valuable insights and improve the platform based on real customer experiences. 

When it comes to pricing, NOQX adopts a dynamic pricing model. They consider the size of the company and the number of users when determining the price. By targeting medium-sized businesses, NOQX aims to strike a balance between scalability and customer engagement. Sophie believes that companies with around 20-25 employees start to experience the challenges of goal setting and can greatly benefit from using NOQX.


Customer Feedback and Product Development

Sophie and her team at NOQX place a high value on customer feedback. They actively listen to their customers, whether through direct conversations or detailed product sketches. By involving customers in the development process, NOQX ensures that the platform meets their needs and expectations. 

While customer feedback is essential, Sophie emphasizes the importance of maintaining a vision for the product. Striking a balance between customer input and the company’s vision is crucial. Sophie acknowledges that NOQX can’t build every feature customers request, but they carefully evaluate feedback and prioritize features that align with their long-term goals.


Fundraising and Growth

NOQX recently closed a fundraising round, securing valuable investment from smart money investors. Sophie attributes their success in fundraising to existing relationships and the alignment between NOQX’s product and the investors’ interests. Demonstrating traction and having a clear path to profitability were also crucial factors that attracted investors. 


Celebrating Victories and Reflecting

One lesson Sophie has learned along her journey is the importance of celebrating victories. Often, founders and teams jump straight into the next problem without taking the time to reflect on their achievements. Sophie acknowledges the need to celebrate victories more and plans to incorporate this practice into the NOQX culture. 


Final Thoughts

As we wrap up this interview with Sophie, it’s clear that goal setting is at the core of NOQX’s mission. Sophie’s passion for creating a platform that simplifies and enhances goal-setting shines through in her insights and experiences. With a focus on clarity, inclusion, and celebration, NOQX is well on its way to revolutionizing the way organizations set and achieve their goals. 

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