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In episode #9, Anna Nadeina talks with Wilma, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at VLOQX, a SaaS tool for effective quote management.

Finding Inspiration and Creating vloxq

Wilma’s journey to co-founding vloxq is an interesting one. Aftre working in SaaS sales, she understood customer needs and the challenges they faced when creating complex quotes using spreadsheets, Wilma and her co-founders decided to create a solution.

vloxq, which stands for configure price quote, aims to eliminate risk and give businesses control over their pricing and discounting strategies. By providing a platform that simplifies and streamlines the sales process, vloxq helps businesses improve their profitability and create professional quotes that resonate with customers.

Understanding the Target Audience

One of the challenges vloxq faced was determining their target audience. Through trial and error, they discovered that resellers, consultancies, and companies selling specialized products were the ones in need of CPQ solutions. By focusing on these industries, vloxq ensures that their platform meets the specific needs of their customers.

The Customization and Service Level of vloxq

vloxq prides itself on offering a highly customizable CPQ solution. They understand that every company is unique and requires a tailored approach to pricing and quoting. By analyzing a company’s pricing structure and profitability, vloxq can provide guidance and recommendations to optimize their sales process.

In terms of service level, vloxq goes beyond just providing a product. For larger customers or those with more complex needs, they offer additional support and tailored solutions on a project basis. This proactive approach ensures that customers feel guided and supported throughout their sales journey.

Trends in Sales and Pricing

Based on the data and insights they gather, vloxq has observed several trends in sales and pricing. One significant trend is the increasing use of product data in pricing models. Companies are leveraging product usage data to determine pricing structures and make informed decisions. Additionally, there is a shift towards more efficient and cost-effective growth strategies in the SaaS industry.

Another notable trend is the combination of increasing prices and discounting. Companies are raising their prices but also offering higher discounts, which can complicate the sales process. Wilma advises businesses to carefully analyze their pricing models, evaluate market trends, and ensure that discounting strategies align with overall profitability goals.

The Benefits of Being Bootstrapped

While bootstrapping comes with its challenges, Wilma believes that being bootstrapped allows them to focus on their long-term vision and make strategic decisions. They prioritize resource allocation and invest in areas that will bring the most value to their customers.

The Importance of Collaboration and Partnerships

Wilma emphasizes the importance of collaboration between sales and marketing teams. By working closely together, these teams can leverage each other’s strengths and drive better results. They can organize webinars, round table discussions, and other joint initiatives to generate leads and enhance brand visibility.

Furthermore, Wilma advises companies looking to expand globally to establish partnerships. Working with a select few partners, rather than having too many, ensures focused collaboration and better outcomes. By forming strategic partnerships, businesses can tap into new markets and reach a wider audience.


vloxq is revolutionizing the CPQ industry by providing businesses with a customizable and streamlined solution. Their focus on eliminating risk, empowering businesses with pricing control, and fostering partnerships sets them apart in the market. Through their journey, Wilma and her team have learned valuable lessons about collaboration, self-reflection, and strategic decision-making. With their dedication to innovation and customer success, vloxq is poised for further growth and impact in the sales industry.


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