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I’m your host Anna Nadeina, Head of Growth for In this episode #18, we are talking with Andreu Iglesias the CEO of The SaaS Inspitute (, a marketing company that provides coaching, prospecting, sales generation, and development services for B2B companies. Andreu share tips and tricks about developing a streamlined sales strategy for SaaS businesses, metrics to follow, cold email techniques that work, and why differentiation is key for successful sales.

(0:00:06) – Streamlining Sales Processes for Business Success 

Andreu Iglesias, CEO of the SaaS Institute, shares her background in engineering and how she experienced first-hand the recurring problem of having a great product but no customers. We discuss how Andreu handled taking the reigns of a newly acquired company and how to maintain the culture and stay aligned with the founders. Andreu emphasizes the importance of confidence, transparency, and communication when taking on a new role.

(0:11:05) – Business Sales Strategies Without Team 

Andreu Iglesias, CEO of the SaaS Institute, explains the importance of having qualified opportunities, how to target a specific market for conversations, and what ticket size to expect when it comes to customer conversations. We explore the range of industries that businesses are working with and the importance of having the right conversations with customers. Understanding and implementing processes from the start is essential when it comes to sales teams in order to avoid getting to the SaaS Institute at the end.

(0:19:45) – Streamlining Sales and Approaching Target Markets 

We discuss the importance of qualifying opportunities and targeting specific markets for conversation. We explore two main ways of doing this, beginning with a clear list of leads and segmentation. We also look at the importance of having well-organized leads and avoiding targeting everyone without understanding what works and what does not. Finally, we discuss the potential of using sneaky marketing techniques to get people to talk on the phone.

(0:30:48) – Personalization in B2B Sales 

We look at how to bring personalization into business-to-business (B2B) conversations. The importance of addressing an individual and making them feel heard is discussed, as opposed to talking to the company as a whole. Andreu Iglesias shares tips on how to bring a personal touch to conversations while avoiding the feeling of being too intrusive. We also explore how to draw the line between personal and professional, and how to approach conversion in the sales process.

(0:36:25) – Effective Sales Qualification Strategies

We explore how to tailor a solution to the customer’s needs, how to qualify opportunities, and how to bring personalization into B2B conversations. We discuss the importance of asking the right questions, scripting conversations, and controlling the narrative. We also examine the advantages of inbound and outbound marketing and why it’s important to not move forward with sales processes prematurely.

(0:40:21) – Integrated Marketing With Content Strategy Focus

We explore how investing in both inbound and outbound marketing can create growth. We examine how outbound can be used as an initial tool to test and understand target audiences, while inbound can be used to capture and generate demand. We also look at how content generation and leveraging social selling can be used to create an effective marketing strategy for 2023. Finally, we finish off with the importance of allowing customers to choose their own approach to engage with a business’ product or service.

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