In this episode #19, we are talking with Baptiste Jamin, the co-founder of Crisp IM (, the all-in-one business messaging platform that gathers teams, conversations, data and knowledge, around one place. Baptiste shares his deep beliefs in asynchronous work, the fact that a job description can be tailored to exceptional team members, focus on customer communication and why customer is not always right.

(0:00:07) – AI in Customer Support Future 

I chat with Baptiste Jamin, co-founder of Crisp, an all-in-one business managing platform that gathers teams, conversations, data and knowledge around one place. We discuss how Crisp has been growing over the past year, including new chat widgets, integrations, and investments in AI. We also explore how AI is changing the customer support space and the potential risks of large language models offering wrong answers. Finally, we talk about the importance of tailoring AI to each company and how the best customer support is when there are no issues.

(0:15:16) – Remote Culture at Crips

As a co-founder of Crisp Baptiste is focused on enabling others to do the work in the best way possible. He takes full responsibility for the big changes and then leads people to do anything with it. His goal is to be useless in the end, and his job at Crips is to show the way. They hire for CRISP based on the culture and mindset of the company. There is a matrix of people talking to each other during decisions and his co-founder Valerian and Baptiste don’t want to be the key persons blocking all the decisions.

(0:34:03) – Building a Great Support Team

We discuss the biggest success and failures of the Crisp business journey. We talk about the importance of building a great team and how to anticipate potential points of failure in the company. We also explore the overhyped trends in the tech world, like chatbots and AI, and Babtiste explains the importance of having a great relationship with customers to be successful. Finally, he shares his insight on retaining customers and how being authentic can help a business grow.

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