In this episode #41, we are talking with Martin Courau, CEO & co-founder of Fincome (, he only platform dedicated to companies with a recurring business model that offers a 360° view of your company’s performance in real time. Martin shares his vision on the way a startup should go about their marketing/growth strategies at the early stages, and why it’s important to hit a few distribution channels at the same time. He talks about their staggering success of turning 80% of demo calls into paid subscriptions and why Fincome’s roadmap is to become a dependable software for any SaaS business reaching over $700k ARR if they want to continue sustainable growth. Subscribe to our channel to be the first to see the interviews that we publish twice a week –    / @saas-group  

(0:00:05) – VC Funding for SaaS Companies 

We are chatting with Martin Courau, co-founder of FinCome. Martin comes from a PE background and has an impressive track record of investment banking and strategy consulting. We discuss his journey to becoming a co-founder, how his PE background helped him secure funding for FinCome, the challenge of changing the perception of PE companies, the importance of having a good network to support the venture, and the need to act fast when securing funds.

(0:11:30) – SaaS Business Growth Strategies 

Chatting with Martin Courau, co-founder of FinCome, about how to use an affiliate or customer referral program to acquire customers for SaaS businesses. We also touch upon the importance of striking a balance between listening to customers and having product intuition when it comes to the product roadmap. Finally, Martin talks about the white glove onboarding process and pricing strategy.

(0:25:24) – SaaS Sales and Segmentation Strategies

We are discussing with Martin Courau the importance of training the sales team to be able to have an educated and expert conversation about financial topics. We also discuss the sales cycle for FinCome and how to ensure that the product is available at the exact moment companies are looking for it. We look at how segmentation and intelligence gathering are essential for success, and the importance of creating a multi-pronged approach to stand out from the competition. Finally, we explore how to create a tipping point moment for customers that leads them to the demo stage.

(0:36:48) – Building a Values-Driven Team Culture 

Martin and I explore the importance of aligning values and implementing processes to ensure that the team culture is in line with those values. We look at the balancing act of remote work policies and how companies like ours have to think about how to build a culture when everyone is remote. We also examine great examples of companies that have built inspiring work cultures with fun rituals and discuss the best way to “steal” them. Finally, we reflect on our biggest successes and failures and the mindset shift that comes with being a founder.


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