I’m your host Anna Nadeina, Head of Growth for saas.group. In this episode #19 we talk with Mehdi Boudoukhane, Co-Founder & CEO at Cycle (https://www.cycle.app/), a product feedback system that lets you connect the dots between customer needs and product delivery workflows.

In this conversation with Mehdi, co-founder and CEO of Cycle, we get a first-hand account of his journey from being an engineer and data scientist to a product manager. Listen in as he shares the story behind Cycle, a product management platform that successfully transforms product feedback into customer engagement. Mehdi shares his experience of designing mockups, shipping prototypes, and even hopping on a flight to San Francisco to learn more.

Listen in as Mehdi details his approach to networking in the San Francisco startup scene and how to forge meaningful relationships with product people. Mehdi explains his unique rule of ‘giving more energy to an interaction than what was received’, and how this strategy has helped him in fundraising, recruiting, and sales.

Tune in to learn about Mehdi’s experiences with Product Hunt launches and partnership strategies and how these have influenced Cycle’s brand awareness and customer onboarding. We also explore the potential of partnerships with product management consultants. Don’t miss out on Mehdi’s honest recounting of his biggest wins and failures as a founder, his proudest moment, and the invaluable lessons these experiences have taught him.

Head of Growth, saas.group