saas.unbound is a podcast for and about founders who are working on scaling inspiring products that people love brought to you by . I’m your host Anna Nadeina, Head of Growth for In this episode #16 we talk with Peep Laja, founder of Wynter (, a self-serve B2B messaging and buyer intelligence platform that lets you launch a test in minutes. We had a detailed discussion on messaging and differentiation in B2B sales, a pivotal part of Wynter’s evolution.

Peep unfolds his unique 4-layer framework for messaging – Clarity, Relevance, Pitch/Value Prop, and Differentiation. Peep offers practical advice for SaaS companies on the effective use of comparison articles and blog posts for highlighting unique features. Peep also shares the revenue generation and growth strategies of Wynter, and the critical role of business storytelling.

Head of Growth,