saas.unbound is a podcast for and about founders who are working on scaling inspiring products that people love brought to you by In this episode #50, we are talking with Tim Schumacher, Co-Founder of (, a founder-friendly private equity that acquires bootstrapped SaaS businesses. Tim talks about the way acquires companies and what are the criteria for being acquired. Why it’s not only the tech stack and the financials the potential acquirer is looking for, but also a great cultural fit. Tim also shares his vision behind acquiring bootstrapped companies and why he thinks it’ll be easier to integrate them into the bigger picture. Tim talks about the important factors acquisition companies are looking into before closing the deal, and explores the impact of market and economic trends on M&A. A deep dive into SaaS acquisition strategy.


(0:00:05) – Building and Scaling Successful Businesses

Tim Schumacher, a partner and co-founder of, shares the story of coming to life. Six years ago, Tim’s background as an entrepreneur and angel investor led to the birth of We learn about the first business acquired, why Tim chose it, and how they identified a similar culture within the team. We also explore the idea of how to recognize when you’re better suited to be a CEO or co-founder at a later stage, rather than a starter or builder.

(0:14:51) – Selling a SaaS Business 

We explore how founders can find financial security and flexibility in the SaaS industry by selling their businesses. Tim shares how became one of the biggest SaaS platforms and how they focus on finding businesses with between one and five million in revenue. Tim shares how offers an opportunity for founders to gain financial security while still having a role in their company if they choose. 

(0:21:18) – Selling a Business 

Tim Schumacher shares that oftentimes founders want to take advantage of the fruits of their labor or just to try something new. Other times, life changes such as having children or relocating can prompt a change. Tim also explains the challenges of acquiring companies and the importance of having an open discussion with the founders to ensure a smooth transition.

(0:33:51) – Insights on Selling a Business 

Tim Schumacher shares his advice on approaching the acquisition process like a product-market fit exercise, and how to make sure the business and the acquirer are a good fit. He emphasizes the importance of talking to people for advice so that you can make an informed decision and get the best outcome. 

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