saas.unbound is a podcast for and about founders who are working on scaling inspiring products that people love brought to you by In this episode #45, we are talking with Vlad Gozman, CEO and Co-Founder of, on a mission to enable marketing and sales teams from SMBs and Enterprise companies to improve the customer experience and gather better customer data. 


The Journey of Improving Customer Experience with No-Code Solutions


In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Vlad Gozman, the co-founder of is on a mission to enable marketing and sales teams to improve their customer experience and gather valuable customer data through their innovative no-code platform. Join us as we dive into Vlad’s background, the inspiration behind, and how they are solving problems in a crowded market.


Background and Inspiration

Vlad’s entrepreneurial journey began in his late teens, when he produced, wrote, and published a rap album independently. This experience introduced him to the digital world. After a few entrepreneurial endeavors and relocating to Vienna, Austria, Vlad co-founded a CMS for virtual reality applications. However, after discovering a need for better customer interaction, they pivoted to focus on forms, surveys, and quizzes that enable businesses to engage with their customers effectively.


The Problem and Solution’s main goal is to make it easy for businesses to involve their customers in meaningful digital interactions. Their platform leverages no-code technology and AI to simplify and automate the creation, personalization, and automation of forms, surveys, quizzes, and more. This solution is particularly valuable for marketers and sales teams in SMBs and enterprise companies who want to save time, reduce development costs, and gather valuable customer data. By offering a no-code solution, empowers users to create interactive content without the need for technical expertise.


The Importance of No-Code Builder’s message of being a no-code builder has been instrumental in acquiring their first customers. With their no-code platform, businesses can automate their inbound sales process, generate leads, and qualify them efficiently. This message resonates with marketers and sales teams who are looking for tools that allow them to move quickly, iterate constantly, and minimize development time. By providing a no-code solution, enables users to create and customize their interactive content without relying on developers, saving them time and resources.


The Power of AI recognized the emerging trend of AI and its potential to enhance their platform. They integrated AI features at different stages of the customer journey, including creation, personalization, and analysis. By leveraging AI-generated text elements, allows users to deliver personalized feedback and responses to each individual user. Additionally, their AI-powered automated reporting provides key insights and recommendations, saving users time and helping them make data-driven decisions. The integration of AI features has not only added value to’s customers but has also opened up new potential markets and expansion opportunities.


Pricing AI Solutions

Pricing AI solutions can be challenging, but took a unique approach by introducing AI credits as an add-on to their subscription plans. Customers receive a certain number of AI credits with their plan, enabling them to try out AI-powered features and experience the value it brings. Once customers see the benefits and want to continue using AI, they can purchase additional AI credits. This usage-based pricing model allows to monetize AI features while ensuring customers have control over their usage and costs.


From SMBs to Enterprises

While primarily focuses on serving SMBs, they also have a few enterprise customers. The self-service, no-code nature of their platform makes it suitable for SMBs, enabling them to onboard and use the tool without the need for a sales team. For enterprise customers, has implemented a customer success process to provide the necessary support and guidance. By leveraging customer success and targeted outreach, they have successfully acquired enterprise customers without the traditional sales motion.


Lifetime Deals and Growth utilized lifetime deals (LTDs) as a means of initial financing. Rather than going the VC route, they offered limited-time deals to a closed group of customers, providing a cash infusion without the need for institutional financing. While many companies struggle with the long-term implications of LTDs, used them strategically and avoided becoming solely reliant on lifetime deal customers. Instead, they focused on converting customers into recurring revenue by expanding their platform, introducing AI add-ons, and implementing native integrations with popular marketing and sales tools.


Angel Investors and Navigating Relationships’s angel investors bring valuable experience and expertise to the table. While they are not actively involved in operational decision-making, maintains open lines of communication and periodic updates to honor their commitment and trust. By imposing processes for progress updates, ensures alignment and maintains a healthy relationship with their investors.


Achievements and Lessons Learned’s journey has been marked by both successes and failures. One of their biggest failures was starting with a horizontal product approach, attempting to cater to multiple use cases simultaneously. In hindsight, they recognized the importance of focusing on a specific niche and hitting product-market fit sooner.

On the other hand, their biggest win was going global from day one and adopting a product-led growth (PLG) strategy. By investing in paid ads and leveraging platforms like Product Hunt, they gained valuable feedback, scale, and profitability without the need for institutional funding.


Conclusion’s dedication to improving customer experience through their no-code platform and innovative AI features has positioned them as a leader in the market. Their commitment to providing value, their unique pricing model, and strategic growth strategies have allowed them to thrive in a competitive landscape. As they continue to expand and serve a diverse range of customers, remains focused on their mission to make digital interactions meaningful and enhance customer data for businesses worldwide.


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