Anna Nadeina

Head of Growth,
A growth marketing specialist with a decade of experience in different industries, including F&B, SaaS, low code, and others. Host of the saas.unbound podcast interviewing successful SaaS founders about their journeys building and scaling companies and the changes that brings to them. Passionate about networking, event management, and other inbound marketing activities that don't scale.
All too often, founders are overwhelmed by how exciting but also nerve-wracking the acquisition and everything about it can be. They want to make sure the deal closes at the highest possible price, but it’s also important to find a good acquirer.
Founders, especially first-time founders who’ve managed to get some revenue under their belt pretty early on, don’t want to do the boring job of keeping track of the metrics.
A comprehensive list of the 7 most important SaaS trends in 2023. Most of them inevitably continued ruling the industry from 2022 but some are fresh and are here to change the course of it, maybe, forever.